A little extra incentive to enjoy Cheese, Wine & Good Times with Wednesday Night Trivia & Thursday Night Games Night.

Wednesday Night Trivia with Q1

The cheesiest way to celebrate hump day! Form a group of 2 or 4 and get ready to battle it out for great prizes plus cheese, wine and good times! Recommend booking in advance as capacity is strictly limited. Bookings are for 7pm to allow for service so you have plenty of cheese and wine to enjoy before trivia kicks off at 7.30pm.


The ultimate Cheese-Board event!

A night of cheese and games in a friendly environment. We open with the impeccable food you know and love, while a secret game commences. At 7pm, Nick, our games aficionado, will lead a game of Werewolf for everyone. After that, there is a range of games to choose from, or you can bring your own! Come for the cheese and games, stay for the great company, cheese and games! Beginners welcome; Nick can teach every game provided.

First Thursday of the month