We’ve added ‘the greatest cheese toastie you’ve ever tasted’ to our weekend menu!

We’ve come up with four varieties, all with three cheeses, buttered and cooked to perfection. Served with cornichons and the choice to add some delicious extras like saucisson sec (salami), prosciutto and spicy chutney.

  1. Comte, Camembert & Stilton
  2. Taleggio, Moliterno Al Tartufo & Monte Veronese
  3. King River Gold, Havarti & Aged Cheddar
  4. Emmental, Morbier & Perez Capra (goat)
Cheese Toasties are only available on Saturday & Sunday between 1-3pm
Head to our website to pre-order and don’t forget to specify your day and time in the notes.

cheese toastie 1cheese toastie 3