Woodside Chevre

Young, soft, crumbly and creamy goat cheese from South Australia

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Woodside Chevre – 150g

Milk: Goats

Region of origin: Woodside, South Australia

Rind: Fresh curd

Texture: Soft, creamy, crumbly

Goat milk from Towerview and Oskjberg dairies is used for making the Chevre (meaning Goat in French). After pasteurization, the milk is allowed to set using the traditional method. Very next day the curd is drained for several hours. Very small amount of salt is added to the curd, and then the mixture is allowed to drain for about 10 days in a controlled environment.

This mild cheese is perfect for a cheese board. Experience the taste of the fresh creamy cheese with a lemony finish, with no strong goaty aftertaste. Toss with both sweet and savoury dishes.


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