Secret De Lys

White mould French cheese, matured in terracotta pot – perfect for heating

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Milk: Cows

Region of origin: Cleron, Franche-Comte, France

Rind: White mould

Texture: Buttery & Creamy

Made near the village of Cleron high in the mountains of the Franche-Comte region by the Perrin family, Le Secret des Lys is a fragile cheese that is matured in a small ceramic dish which enables the cheese to hold its form as it slowly ripens. The evoking fresh earthy and mushroom aromas of the rind give way to buttery and creamy flavours on the palate, finishing with a very slight citrus tang that is void of any bitterness. Its dense cake-like texture dissipates quickly to an almost melt-in-the-mouth like quality which can be quite moreish once you get started! The little terracotta pot which Le Secret des Lys comes in can be heated. For a decadent finish to any meal remove from packaging and heat gently in the oven prior to serving with crusty bread and a sparkling white.


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