Jacquin Buchette Goat Chevre

Goat milk fresh curd cheese from France

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Jacquin Buchette plain – 100g

Milk: Goats

Region of origin: Loire Valley, France

Rind: Fresh curd

Texture: Mild, tangy and moist

The Loire Valley is known for its picturesque gardens and plentiful fruit production, a result of the few degrees of temperature that the Loire River brings to the region. The abundance of vegetation was recognised by Arab migrants in the 8th century, who left behind goats and recipes for cheese. The region became the starting point of goat’s-milk cheese production in France with varying styles made on both sides of the river. The simplest is known in France as ‘chevre’: a fresh curd cheese that is eaten plain or sometimes with flavouring, including herbs, fruit, nuts or honey. Jacquin Buchette Plain is a mild and tangy fresh chevre with a slightly moist texture. Great on a cheese board but also a fantastic versatile cooking ingredient. These small logs or ‘buchettes’ have been made for three generations by the  Jacquin family.


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