Open For Business – The 3 Things We Learnt

This is it! After months of “hard work” tasting a lot of cheese and testing all the wines, we are ready to open our doors. Here are the 3* things we learnt creating our first Fromagerie:

  1. Thornbury folks are awesome

From the locals who would stop, do a double take and sneak a look behind the blinds during fit-out, to the pioneers who signed up for our exclusive previews right through to the love you’re giving us on the ‘gram. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

     2. You’re an adventurous bunch

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve tested your taste buds and introduced new flavour combinations. What we heard back was super encouraging:

“I want it all”, “I trust your recommendation”, “I now like blue cheese!” “Let me try the Orange wine”

     3. Vive la Révolution!

French cheese and wine is proving very popular, we’ve picked up a few French speaking staff and drank countless cups of Cafe Flo’s excellent coffee. Francophiles rejoice, we are building Thornbury’s French Quarter.


We are now officially open for business trading Wednesday through to Sunday from 12pm til late. We can’t wait to show you The Thornbury Fromagerie.

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*Full disclosure – we learnt heaps more but 3 is a nice number and we’ve got to get back to looking after the cheese.

Exclusive Preview

Fit-out is complete, staff are hired, glasses are polished and we are putting the final touches on our cheese and wine menu. We are almost ready to open our doors but before we do The Thornbury Fromagerie will be hosting a series of exclusive preview nights.
Want to join us to share your expert opinion on all things fromage et vin? Do you love being the person to try something first? Insta stories need an interesting new boost? You might be just who we are looking for.

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Perfect Pairings – Top Cheese and Wine Choices

Top Cheese and Wine Pairings

Our sommelier and cheesemonger have worked with us to create a cheese and beverage menu that compliments each other without being restrictive. We believe you should eat and drink what you like not what someone tells you to. That being said a guide is always a great starting point and you’ll find excellent recommended matches throughout our menu.

Why Butter is Best

Creamy, decadent butter, crusty bread – it’s one of the best combinations and we’re serving it up just for you.

Who doesn’t love butter? Our obsession with all it’s fatty deliciousness and several conversations with fellow butter fiends who admitted (often with a sheepish guilt) to eating it on its own, led us to create a simple treat. The Thornbury Fromagerie Butter Plate will have you tasting a selection of local and imported butters served with fresh crusty bread. That’s it and it is seriously delicious. 

Featured Butters

Some of our local butters include Fitzroy locals St David’s Dairy who source fresh cream from Victorian farms and use small scale, quality processing to create their Cultured Butter.  The cream is allowed to ferment for 24 hours with beautiful European cultures, once the cream begins to crystallise, it is churned slowly in a small batch butter churn.

Sydney super star Pepe Saya creates arguably Australia’s best butter. Loved by top restaurants and chosen by Qantas to serve on their international flights this cultured butter has a slightly sour taste and stronger aroma than your standard supermarket fare but is a must try.